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Roulette Strategy to Win – Best Tips on Playing Casino Classic

Posted by Ryan Gonsalvez

Roulette Strategy to Win: how to choose the best one

Many Australian casinos offer table games including roulette as one of the best alternatives to classic pokie games. We offer you the ultimate guide with all the information you need so that you have the best chances at the game of Roulette. Whether you are new to roulette wheel or already have some experience, our tips will help you find the best roulette strategy to win. Read this post to the end to find out the best betting systems for real money playing online roulette.

How to Win at European Roulette – Tips & Strategies

Putting your hands on European Roulette, you have already chosen the best version of the game. Now, you need the best strategy to win roulette in casino – here is what we can advise:

  • Do not place bets with colossally high odds against you. An example of such ones is a bet on a single number – the chances of winning will be from 35: 1 to 38: 1, that is, extremely low. Although European Roulette has a low house edge (2.7% compared to 5.26% for the American version of the game), you can make a common mistake by placing too risky bets.
  • Keep in mind the important thing – past results of the game do not dictate subsequent ones. That is, the result of each game round is completely random (this resembles pokies, right?). A perfect online roulette strategy to win does not exist. So, you can use the Martingale and Fibonacci systems – however, they are effective in short gaming sessions. Since many systems based on numerical sequences are too risky, you can spend an entire bankroll extremely fast.
  • Prefer the following bets – red/black, even/odd and so on. With their high winning odds, simple bets can bring a small but stable profit.
Roulette Strategy to Win

When choosing roulette strategy to win, do not focus on spins, but on bets. The result of any round is completely random. However, by making the right bets, you increase your chances of success.

Red/Black & Odd/Even Roulette Strategies for Aussie Players

As stated above, simple bets are the most profitable because they are the least risky. You can use the following betting systems for Red/Black and Odd/Even:

  • Martingale. This is the riskiest roulette strategy to win according to which you will double your initial bet every time you lose. After the winning spin, you should return to the bet with which you started.
  • Fibonacci. This betting system is based on the Fibonacci sequence (each subsequent unit is the result of summing of the previous two). So, you will increase the size of the bet in accordance with this sequence for each loss. If you win, you need to return to the initial bet.
  • D’Alembert. This is the safest system since you will increase bet amount by just one for each loss and decrease by one for the case of win. Getting the number of rounds won and lost is equal, you will have a small profit.

Each of the betting systems listed above has a reverse version of roulette strategy to win – Reverse D’Alembert, Reverse Martingale and Reverse Fibonacci. The main difference is that you will reduce the size of bet in case of loss. Try each of them to find the best one for yourself.

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